Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Dew Drop

I've noticed a number of rather big water droplets in the early mornings on the leaves of the plants, and occasionally on the patio rails. There usually hadn't been rain the night before, and no water drips through to land on these places. I assumed it was just condensation or plants doing what they do.

Then I realized it's dew. And grinned. Somehow, that sounds more romantic, and seeing nature's creations in whichever way always make me smile. My body clock has shifted to an earlier start. This year, I'm usually up by 6am, so there's plenty of things for me to enjoy about the quietude of early mornings. There's something magical about the hour before dawn, the pitch darkness and street lights, then the gradual brightening of the surroundings from the rising sun.

That morning, when the sun began to light up the patio, and I was enjoying the quiet with my coffee, I noticed one green-ish water droplet on the rails. I thought it was a sparrow that crapped on my railings again. Yeah, I have this pair of 'pet' sparrows that live in the shrubs in front of my patio. When I stared at it closer, the green hues were not uhhh bird poo. They were leaves! Three tiny leaves that slid off from the bushes with the water droplet and landed on my rails! How beautiful.


jo said...

Good morning! How cute! 😍

imp said...

super cute!

Pretziliv said...

Always love waking up early when it is still pitch dark and see the sky slowly change colour... does your new place get to see good greenery view?

imp said...

It is right?! Something so magical about sunrise.

I see a ton of greenery on the patio. :)