Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Strawberry Shortcake for L

This woman, she doesn't just have us friends over at her dining table to feed us wonderful homecooked food, and spoil us thoroughly. She packs food for us to take home, and she also turns up at our homes bearing gifts of wine, and dessert.

The other evening, she came over with a box of tarts from Tarte by Cheryl Koh. It was my first time sampling them. I've heard so much about the tarts, but obviously I never bothered to buy any to even try, and neither have I bought any for the friends. She thoughtfully bought two tarts that she knew I'd actually take a few bites of. Hurhurhur. She was spot on. I really liked the fresh lemon curd topped with meringue and the one that's a predictable satisfying dark chocolate. There was a mascarpone and cream cheese, and I forgot what the other one was because I didn't take much of it... earl grey salted caramel maybe.

She was slated for some heavy work traveling. But we couldn't let her birthday pass without getting her a cake. The timing was perfect. Before she flew off, we fixed up an impromptu dinner. We had a chance to get her one whole decent strawberry shortcake plus a birthday candle. We did just that.

Many wishes for your birthday, dear L. We love your generosity of heart, and how you always refresh our souls with your cheerful gifts. 🥂💋

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