Saturday, October 06, 2018

Guava and Lemongrass Jam

The girlfriend's parents went to Hoi An and came back with a bottle of jam for me from Cocobox. That's really thoughtful of them to think of me! They know that I'm not big on sweets, but the mother said that it was delicious and worth a try! Alrighty, I could do jams in small bottles.

The guava and lemongrass jam was quite delicious! It was surprisingly okay on the sugar level. Jam already holds a ton of sugar in its making, especially when fruits used are tart; I'm always skeptical of store-bought jams. But the chance of getting a good bottle of jam with lower sugar levels is higher than getting a decent pack of granola with little sugar. 

I do take jam with cheese and dried fruits. I will also take it once or twice a week at breakfast, in small amounts. I'm a butter girl, but I don't mind jam with salted bread rolls. Salt does break down the cloying sweetness of jams. The man is the happiest unintended recipient of all my gifts of sugar. He'll merrily inhale them all. 

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