Friday, October 05, 2018

Talking About Laundry Detergent

I was terribly embarrassed to actually put through a voice call to the BFF. She didn't pick up, but she called me back within two minutes. I was almost stumbling over my words,

"This isn't urgent. And it's a bloody Aunty call. Erm, I'm in a Cold Storage and there's a S$26.50 promotion for three bottles of Persil anti-bacterial laundry liquid. Low suds, for front loads. It's usually $12.50 for a 2.7-litre bottle. Do you want one?"

BFF was creepily silent for three seconds before she started laughing. I was squirming. She replied in Cantonese. "點解你噉師奶嘅?"


In my defense, the BFF was looking for a new laundry detergent to try out for indoor drying. Pffft. We had a random conversation about it two weeks ago. We tend to use similar brands for detergents and home cleaners. Since I do scan through PrimeNow, redmart and such before buying detergents and cleaners (same brands, why pay more?!), I might as well ask the BFF if she wants a bottle of whatever. Ha! 


jo said...

HAHAHA. You know your friendship has reached new levels when you offer to buy detergent for each other.

imp said...

right back at you. same for nail clippers okay.