Sunday, January 06, 2019

A Lunch At Supanniga Eating Room

Before S and N flew home, we had to go to Supanniga Eating Room at Thong Lor for lunch. A few years back, L and J (whose tastebuds in Thai food we trust) pointed us to the Supanniga chain, and since then, we've hopped in to many of their restaurants. Thankfully, the chain has kept its standards. We had to make reservations though. This period is mad packed with locals and tourists, and even if locals and residents leave town for the holidays, popular restaurants are still full. Aunty Imp here is the designated 'booker' of restaurants and to make all calls necessary. We were an hour late for lunch at Supanniga Eating Room; because we made a reservation and called to say that the traffic was holding us up, the restaurant held the table for us. When we turned up, they were totally full upstairs and downstairs. Wow.

We ordered almost the whole menu again, except for dessert. There were so much carbs, so much meat and crab, and curries, and soups. My gawwd. I was absolutely stuffed. Unsurprisingly, nobody could fit in dessert. Hahaha. We drank a ton of bael juice because Supanniga brings it to the table without sugar! Or whatever sugar put in, was so little that we really can't quite discern it.

N was saying how the restaurant's stuffed squid is exactly like how her mom does it. It's baby squids stuffed with minced meat, usually pork, in soup. (ปลาหมึกยัดไส้, 'pla muek yud sai') I'm not sure if it's a similar sort of taste, but she said it's stuffed the same way. Her mom is a great cook, and has definitely tasted this way before we were born. Hahahaha. So she probably likes it enough to incorporate into the regular family meals.

S and N hadn't been to Bangkok for like a decade, so we also wanted to show them how the city has changed. However, their stay was shorter than ours, and we didn't stick to one another throughout. We told them that they should have stayed a day more, and we would take them to two more fabulous meals. Ha! It's kinda nice to be in the same city as the friends, but without a firm itinerary or a fixed obligation to see one another. I like this. Anyway, we know S and N well enough to know that they won't be offended by my abrupt aloofness.

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