Saturday, January 05, 2019

That Was A Horrible Massage

From the Pilates point of view, some techniques in Thai massage are simply not ideal to soothe muscles, and are in fact, primed to tear them, along with the tendons and shifting ligaments out of position. However, it all depends on how experienced a massage therapist is, and how she interprets the training. I'm not keen on body massages which sometimes end up giving me a kink in the neck or shoulder which I've worked so hard to soothe out at pilates. This is why I often only do foot massages.

I gave in to one massage at the usual joint. I requested for the therapist to use medium strength. The therapist seemed to have a practiced touch, and correctly identified that I have a tight hip flexor on the right side. She tried to stretch that out, and I said "it's fine, don't worry about it". However, what she did next, made me spoke very firmly with her. She stepped on my pelvis, and trodded hard on my ilium and pubis, and insisted she had to iron that particular kink out. WTFBBQ KNNBCCB. THAT'S NOT A MUSCLE KNOT. THAT'S MY FUCKING BONE. I threw her over. YES, I DID THAT. It's instinctive. I leapt up and away. #SorryNotSorry

My friends (in the other rooms) had never heard me speak Thai so fluently and in that furious tone. I didn't shout so as not to cause panic for the friends, but I was really pissed. She came downstairs with me to see the managers, and that was when I couldn't contain my rage. If a customer said 'stop', ffs, never insist, because the pain would be an indication that it's a condition that a massage can't help with, and if she couldn't identify between bone and muscle knot, don't touch me or anyone again. She apologized fervently. The managers were a little horrified. I'm also just glad that the friends' therapists were fine, and they felt relaxed after, and they didn't have their sessions interrupted by my outburst.

The pelvis is strong, but there is a fine bone plate there called 'ischium'; if too much strength is exerted on the ischium, it fractures rather easily. I was in a fair bit of pain. The area was tender. I needed to sit, stretch and walk for the next 15 minutes to confirm that there was no compression fracture. Luckily I know my body, and I'm not the kind who would keep quiet, and intervened in time. Had she suddenly and stupidly decided to do light hops on my pelvis and landed on the ischium, it would have fractured. A few days later, and it's still a little bruised now. WTF. 


coboypb said...

I don't dare to go for hard massages as I'm scared that they will hurt me or break my bones! Glad that you are alright. Hope the therapist has learned from this experience and learnt to stop when requested.

imp said...

the light ones should do it! maybe not Thai massage? the standard deep tissue massages in SG work okay i think.