Wednesday, January 09, 2019

EAT at Emquartier Food Hall

After EAT at CentralWorld closed so fast, I was bereft of fried salted eggs. Hahaha. I love them! While I could get them at most eateries, I kinda like EAT, and am fond of Supanniga's chain of easy eats. So I was super pleased to discover EAT at the basement food hall of Emquartier mall.

This food hall is typical of any Asian shopping mall's food hall. Lots of variety and selections. Emquartier's is no different. It's chockfull of Asian brands and local stalls offering different foods. The prices average at about S$9 for a plate of food. There's even a small Chairman retro diner à la Hong Kong's 冰室, replete with Chef Man's famous steamed salted egg custard bun and po luo buns. I swear I spotted a 'Jamie's krapow', which apparently is Jamie's Italian's take in Bangkok. I'm like...WHY. Anyway, Emquartier's food hall is the perfect after-gym fill-stomach venue.

On the one afternoon after gym when we were in time for a late lunch, I zoomed straight to EAT for the those fried salted eggs. The menu was large enough for people to order other items. Ordered those with some random pieces of garlic pepper pork loin. But mostly, the fish sauce and the cut chillies on brown rice went beautifully with the fried salted eggs. YES, I ORDERED TWO. Hurhurhur.

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