Tuesday, January 08, 2019

To The Gym At Emquartier

It's impossible not to get in some exercise if I want to eat all these delicious foods. As it is, two big meals a day and I'm nearing a serious case of indigestion. The hotel room is big; doing stretches, planks and press-ups is fine, but I'm not very motivated to jump and sweat. Hahahah. The hotel pool and gym suck big-time. Tiny, sad and useless. Luckily for me and all of us, we can get to a decent Virgin Active gym at Emquartier mall.

I try to hit the gym every day. There's no reason not to. HIIT classes at the gym help to make me feel all balanced again. BURN BABY BURN. The classes aren't packed out here, and although I can't book a class online and will have to physically call or ask the reception desk to do so for me, I can always get the desired classes.

There seems to be plenty of slots at Reformer classes. I try to avoid the 'hot timings' obviously. There was a Saturday 10am class that was full. Zzzzzzz. But I got a space in the noon class. The pilates Reformer classes in this Bangkok gym last for an hour, instead of the 45 minutes back at home. However, they aren't very tiring, so I tend to up reps and increase resistance to get more out of the class. Yes, the classes are conducted in Thai. Hahaha. The movements in Peak Pilates are slightly different from STOTT's, but it isn't too confusing to follow along. So I finally learnt what's 'inhale' and 'exhale' in Thai language! :P

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