Saturday, January 12, 2019

Iron Balls Distillery

We very much prefer the ambience of Iron Balls Distillery on Sukhumvit 63 at Park Lane Complex over its Parlor on Sukhumvit 45. Importantly, Sukhumvit Soi 63 has a lot more food choices along the stretch. We keep ending up at Iron Balls Distillery for a nightcap since it's fairly comfortable and the tiny space isn't too crowded. Hurhurhur.

We've also met a few different groups of friends at this venue too. It's kinda central, but out of the crazy evening town traffic, so it's easier for everyone to get to. It's been absolutely delightful catching up over art conversations, easy drinks and good food. I'm going to miss the pleasure of their company again for quite a few months. Till we next meet IRL.

I can't quite change up the flavors beyond a boring gin and tonic. I can't do cocktails lah. Too sweet and those different flavors just annoy the shit out of the tastebuds. I haven't gone beyond two glasses of gin a night though. I still don't do too well with gin, so I shouldn't push it. Heh. A classic Old Fashioned is always tolerable, but I'd rather not mix the base liquor, otherwise I might end up with a splitting headache.

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