Friday, February 08, 2019

A Floral Romper

My wardrobe is made up of whites, blacks and blues; I'm not into any sort of fashion aesthetics beyond checking out their utilitarian value. To be honest, I've never understood how a new dress would make me happy. I find dresses cumbersome because they're absolutely impractical for a street brawl. I'm pretty much a jeans and tee girl.

I don't quite like buying clothes just for an occasion or to attend an event. I'd rather not go. Hahaha. New clothes are bought when they're needed (say I tear a hole in a top or when it's too worn), not for their aesthetic value. There's literally nothing to pare down in my wardrobe since it's still standing at half empty. Yes, the space includes all the bags I now own (pared down from all the unnecessary ones) and will use regularly. I'm not having bags sit on the shelves so that they're taken out only once or twice a year. All my wardrobes in the various homes lived in have always been half empty since I was a teen; I have no problems keeping it that way. 

Wearing cheongsams for lunar new year really isn't my thing. Modern cheongsams are refreshing, but often I'm not into the cut or the fabric prints. Cheongsams are literally worn once or twice a year. They're just not very me. So I tend to give them away after a few months. I learn not to buy them anymore. I keep some (namely those in grey, black, white and blue), but I think they'll disintegrate before they see the light of day again. 

This lunar new year, at the last house visit, it just happened that we girls were dressed in complementary designs and colors. For the festive season lor! Since we managed to catch one another in time, of course a group photo was in order. Always lovely to see these familiar faces and big smiles.

I've worn Dorothy's clothes for many years. Her old rompers didn't fit me. (Too short and ridiculously tight at the crouch, and no pockets.) But her new romper design does- she pulled the crouch longer, and made pockets. So I bought one, in this most unlikely fabric swirl from Dotted Line. Honestly, I'm not sure I'll wear it again. LOL I tend to shy away from florals and such. But I suppose it doesn't hurt to have them. Although I do chuck them out after two  or three wears because I just can't stand the florals and colors. (I don't even like cut flowers or potted plants.) My dresses tend not to have many embellishments, folds or frills. I cannot deal with extras. 

The romper made me a little dizzy. I felt damn awkward in it, but at least I didn't look like a walking angpow. I couldn't deal with the entire block of florals and decided that a swathe of black was needed to break it up. I put a belt across the waist. It was great- movement isn't restricted at all. The romper's fabric is thin and didn't induce buckets of perspiration in this sweltering heat and humidity.


Liverella said...

With the sunnies and belt, it’s v chic... not gaudy at all!

imp said...

thanks! hurhurhur. love big sunnies- they're like a security blanket for me. oof.