Sunday, February 07, 2021

Lunch at Maddie's Kitchen

Lunch at Maddie's Kitchen with the friends made it two weekends of having modern zi char food! They've mentioned about this restaurant a long time ago, but somehow we've never made it there for a meal. At this lunch, they even brought along champagne. Wheeeee. The restaurant provided wine glasses and a bucket of ice. How lovely. This was one up from the hawker center only because of the air conditioning. Hahaha. It was super hot out today.

The man went straight for the oyster omelette. He also wanted the seafood white beehoon, cabbage and fried wontons. A LOT OF FOOD LOR. He always thinks that a full table of diners meant that he could order many dishes. Dohhh. I passed on the prawn paste chicken wings, and went for the sambal kangkong that was nicely done without being drowned in oil. The pig trotter beehoon was good because the meat didn't come out of a can. (Think, Narcissus cans.) Hahaha. The kitchen braised it themselves.

The beef hor-fun was stir-fried with bittergourd and salted black beans. It was delicious. Tenderloin was apparently the cut used; they didn't treat it or tenderize till there's that sickly sweet taste typical of beef at many zi char restaurants. The usual corn starch was used to thicken the gravy of the dishes, but the kitchen wasn't too heavy-handed with the MSG or salt. The restaurant has been around for a while, and we never realized that the food's so decent. It's an easy venue to return for another meal, or to have food delivered from them. It was such an enjoyable meal that gave us a chance to catch up with the friends. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes yes! I love their Hainanese curry rice too.

imp said...

the hainanese pork chop rice was calling my name. hahaha. another day!