Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Meatsmith Little India

Finally stopped by Meatsmith at Little India for dinner. The man was rather upset that the Bombay butter and fresh herb naan came without dhal or curry, and no add-on options. I laughed so hard when it arrived at the table. It looked like... never mind. The only curry currently on the menu is a soft shell crab curry. Naaah. I had to remind the man that this isn't an Indian restaurant anyway, so maybe we were supposed to eat this naan like a rosemary focaccia. Hahaha.

The suckling pig biryani was delicious. Portions aren't too big, and while it was enough to share when the table has other dishes. The rice and spices were on point. I'm no expert on suckling pig, and I don't particularly take such of it. It seems okay. The biryani on the previous menu was crab biryani, and I wouldn't be able to taste that at all. This biryani still exists in a smaller sharing plate version for $14 as crab and tobiko biryani

I ate most of the biryani (minus the meat) with the smoked cauliflower and tomato relish. This was superb. I loved it!!! It came as a whole chunk nicely grilled with just that bit of char. The tomato relish was so well done. We gleefully wiped up most of the relish with naan. Frankly, naan without curry is just weird, regardless of what fusion version it comes in. 

We had space for a portion of Madras fish kathi. It was quite cute. Like tacos. Hahahaha. Okay lah, it worked. The gravy was delicious, although they could have gone heavier on the spices. We had to remind ourselves that we weren't here for Indian food; if we were, we would have gone to other eateries in the area. Tehehehehe. Oddly we didn't go big on the smoked meats, which are the stars here. Skipped all the pork ribs, lamb and beef skewers, pork and beef cheeks, and even the brisket chapati. We were most interested in the Kerala beef short rib, but we had to shelf that for the next visit.

The man got to dessert. I took a spoonful. His choice of jackfruit pudding and coconut was rather lovely. It came topped with meringue. LOL My gripe- they flambé the meringue at the table, and also torched the husk at the same time, resulting in the bits smoking throughout dessert and after we called for the bill. Man, that smoke smelt like sickeningly sweet incense and made my eyes water.  

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