Thursday, March 04, 2021

Restaurant Gaig

The lovely friends took us out to Restaurant Gaig. Ahhh, I've forgotten about this restaurant. After La Ventana closed and the family didn't join in with Tapas 26, I didn't bother to trace this restaurant's food. Restaurant Gaig opened in 2017, but I didn't visit often. I haven't stopped by for a full year or so. I'm glad to see that its delicious Catalan menu is still around. It has been pared down, but still offering a good range and the standards are kept.

The man insisted that we must have two portions of jamón croquettes. I had to stop the the man from ordering the entire hot tapas menu, and two portions of everything. The friends were stuck in traffic and hadn't even arrived! We weren't sure how hungry they would be. Oof. The Atlantic salted cod fritters weren't that salty although the menu actually stated 'salty' as a warning. LOL The restaurant's signature traditional cannelloni stuffed with beef and pork was delicious. 

Dinner conversation was both sombre and warm. We made toasts to friends who have recently passed, and worry for those who are ill. The only consolation is that we have done what we can as friends. Our journeys are ours to walk and all we can do is to be beside them. It was rather funny when we realized we were watching E1 of 'Canine Intervention' just before dinner! As usual, there were people for and against the show. We had only watched two episodes, so we couldn't really tell (yet) what the controversy is. 

Kept the stomach space for two pans of paella — squid ink and seafood fideuà, and a pigeon and porcini. Okay, pigeon is a rather gamey meat, way more gamey than duck or venison. I don't fancy the meat, but I was fine with it being in the paella because the porcini balanced it out. An easy medium-bodied Rioja and red sangria complemented the meal and completed the night beautifully.

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