Thursday, December 08, 2022

Sushi for J's 36th!

Celebrated J's birthday with dinner at Miraku. I hadn't seen her in the nights for a few months. Hahaha. We've been catching up over lunch and coffee as and when. Our October and November months were a bit mad, so we literally only met like twice? Made a date and went off to have ourselves some sushi. 

We skipped the ebi tonight. We were happy with the options of fish and shellfish. She had some preferences and I had mine. I got all my shiny fish that the restaurant had. I passed on the fried item and took the beef and egg yolk. J passed on the beef and took the fried fish. She must be one of those rare pokémons who likes to crunch shiso leaves raw like that. Eeeps. I gave all of mine to her. 

J wisely stuck to two glasses of umeshu soda. I unwisely opted for the 500ml bottle of sake. Whatever happened to drinking less?!!! Tsk tsk, impie. At least this was dinner, not at lunch. Yeah, I slowly finished it over the course of the meal before the soup and dessert. Nope. Not even tipsy. 

Happy Birthday sweets! You don't look feel a day over 30! Carry on buying the priciest Mayday 五月天 tickets because they're worth it and you totally deserve a great seat at a good show. Every year. Oof!

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