Tuesday, March 28, 2023


S made a tray of egg yolk misozuke (卵黄の味噌漬け) and kept a batch for us. This is one of my favorite things! Either have it as otsumami (おつまみ) with sake, or have it with a bowl of rice sprinkled with furikake. What a lovely gift!

S gave it to me on the day she separated the yolks and buried them in miso. So I put in the chiller to wait for a few days. Three days passed, and of course I was thinking of when I would eat it amidst all the planned meals. I wanted to have it for lunch.

Today, I chose to have it with rice. Best sort of complement to the miso and 'salty' yolk. To be honest, if I have egg yolk misozuke on rice with furikake and tofu or fish cake (絹ごし豆腐また笹かまぼこ), or both, I would be sooooo thrilled. Let's just ignore the nutritional value of the meal. The happiness index is like having spam with a sunny-side up with rice. Hahahah. Too bad I had neither in the fridge. There was a box of roasted chicken breast and another box of braised duck breast in the fridge. Those would do then. The man happily took the chicken, and I took the duck breast. That was delicious. ああーっ,うまい.

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