Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Lighter Touch Approach"

Not surprising that the PR Academy's 5th Annual Conference was themed
"New Media: The New Frontier In Communications and PR".

So The Imp heard the official stance from the last announcement.

Guest-of-Honour Dr Lee Boon Yang (Minister, MICA) said it in his keynote address at the Conference.

"We will review our policies on the internet and new media during the election period bearing in mind the changes taking place. Moving forward, we will consider how to better embrace these changes so that by the next GE, we may be able to adopt a lighter touch approach during the election period."

(Please click here for full speech. Search under Dr Lee Boon Yang.)

(Click here to read Mr Miyagi's take.)


Anonymous said...

so we have the official word.

Anonymous said...

it sounds really good. but what the heck is a lighter touch approach?

Anonymous said...

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