Sunday, August 30, 2009

Aimee Mann in Singapore

In Vung Tau and on the flight back to Singapore, I was furiously playing Aimee Mann songs to familiarize myself with all of them again. Such talent and staying power.

Aimee Mann was so affable and unaffected. Along with easy conversation with the audience, she turned that intimidatingly posh concert hall into an intimate venue. Such a great voice, such an amazing gig.

She started off by taking photos of the audience! Ha. So ironic. The ushers were damn on about stopping the audience from taking photos. Whatever. So many people still sneaked plenty for their personal albums.

Backed by the versatile Jamie Edwards and Jebin Bruni (I'd thought it was Paul Bryan! Thanks to the kind soul who pointed out that it wasn't!) on the keyboards, bass and everything else, she did songs mainly from the Magnolia soundtrack and Bachelor No.2. From the former, she picked were Momentum, Build That Wall and Wise Up. From the latter, it was of course, Red Vines, Driving Sideways (encore), Deathly and one more I think is Just Like Anyone.

Her main Gibson Hummingbird displayed a beautiful mother-of-pearl inlay in the headstock that reflected the stage lights and became rather blinding. There was Freeway, Little Tornado, Amateur, Par for the Course, Nightmare Girl. She was really sporting to take song requests from the audience and gamely sang Invisible Ink, That's Just What You Are and Video. What a treat we had!

My favorite piece from her tonight was 31 Today. Her encore pieces included Voices Carry! It was a long 2-hour set because she said she was feeling bad about her raspy voice for us tonight. Awwwww. :)

Come back to Singapore soon, Aimee!


Dawn said...

How excited was Planetofsound? :)

imp said...

dawn: he was squealing. like, squealing.

Anonymous said...

It was a great night. However, it was Jebin Bruni and Jamie Edwards. Paul Bryan was not there.

imp said...

anon@7.07am: thanks for pointing out! pardon my ignorance! i wasn't sure who that was!

nuttyjas said...

I heard great reviews from friends who went. shucks. I missed out.

imp said...

nuttyjas: hope you can catch her again soon somewhere!