Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bites At Green Note

Since we were in Camden Town to catch a noisy gig, I wanted somewhere quieter for dinner. A short stroll from the tube station, Green Note was perfect for what I had in mind.

I like the vibe of Green Note. It's a casual place filled with great jazz musicians and their music. It was dimly lit, like all bars are. Last evening was jam night for acoustic blues. Many strolled in with their instruments and it was a place many knew one another well. On other nights, it's a venue for all sorts of jazz singers and sessions.

I like this concept very much. We only have 1 venue for jazz in Singapore, not a sad venue, but more springing up would be so vibrant, except we wouldn't be able to sustain it. There isn't a culture of music and eats, same as how we don't really have good vegetarian western eateries, and sandwiches for lunch.

I like how the food goes with the music. Nothing heavy. The menu contained lots of tapas. We had a platter of mixed tapas. Good bites. The cheese quesadillas were yummy, along with the Thai style spring roll, falafel and samosas. The preserved artichoke hearts were STRANGE. I've no liking for preserved foods!

We could even do a main of mushroom stew with roasted potatoes and a large serving of salad sprinkled with sunflower seeds. Then, the man wanted dessert. He claimed he was full, but we must try something. So he finished a plum tart with vanilla ice-cream all by himself. Ha. He's the one with the sweet tooth, always. Not me.

No, the man didn't get up to play any sort of blues. We sat quietly, enjoyed the atmosphere and just chilled out. He was in the punk rock mood already!

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