Thursday, November 11, 2010

Four Year Strong

The man dragged me kicking and screaming to Electric Ballroom to watch Four Year Strong. He really really likes punk rock, and he's very very interested in seeing the band live. I definitely don't share an ounce of his enthusiasm.

Let me qualify, I don't appreciate punk rock, therefore I don't take to Four Year Strong's music at all. But they clearly have a truckload of fans in the room and people who go ape-shit over their music. These fans were probably jumping up and down in front because most of the guys had their shirts off towards the end of the gig. Some were escorted out by security and shown the door. They probably tried to climb onto the stage.

We turned up at 9.15pm, thinking that we could see if the opening band was any good. There was one on stage. They were so sloppy that I couldn't even believe what I was hearing. They were out of tune, out of beat and out of breath. I did not bother to find out what band (not from UK) this is. Apparently, there were 4 opening bands, so this was the last. Okaaaay.

Anyway, I snucked off to sit down at the bar with a beer. My ass hurt from the day's hack. We had been standing for 1.5 hours and my legs ached. I was getting annoyed with the shoving and the beer on my clothes. I HATE VENUES THAT ALLOW BEER ON THE FLOOR! The audience is bound to be unruly. It's good for the business and the bar, but terrible for the rest of the audience who just want some peace and space! Plus my heart wasn't in the music.

I was just damn happy when the gig was nearing the end, and the man decided to leave without waiting for the encore and before the main crowds whooshed out. Yes, I is gu-niang like that.


sinlady said...

ape-shit? i like that :)

imp said...

sinlady: the word? heh.