Friday, November 19, 2010

Chicken Eggs

You know I've no more relations with chickens, but I still maintain a queer relationship with chicken eggs. I like them done in any way, however, raw is best.

Which brings me to my pet peeve of the taste of eggs. Sure, nothing beats warm eggs straight from the hen. But when I can't get that, then I hope to have more choices with my eggs. I'm quite restricted by that in Singapore. Here, I'm not! It's quite a pleasure browsing through a menu and have it state exactly where the eggs come from in terms of farm, provinciality and type of hens.

Since I get to buy eggs and stock up on groceries in London, I've gone crazy with the eggs. It's just awesome trawling the supermarkets and the small shops to see what varieties they have, and what sort of promises they make for the eggs. The Aunts are raising their eyebrows at just how many cartons of eggs I bought and, versus how many I've eaten.

I can't help it. Am a complete sucker for the words 'free range'. Yes yes, buy local. I'd so do it in London. I just can't bring myself to do it in Singapore. It's all in the taste of the egg. Trust me, they taste different, not just in terms of freshness by the day. There's a marked difference between the eggs that come from different breeds of hens. Okay, I sound like a bird brain here. :p

Anyway, raw eggs are just beautiful. I can have them plain, or added in a glass of milk, or stirred within a bowl of muesli or cornflakes. I just don't like combining yoghurt with eggs. That's a bit off. If I fall really ill and kena salmonella poisoning, you know why.


tuti said...

lol. you're really funny, especially about the salmonella bit.

Pebbles said...

Raw? Closest I've got was in a bowl of congee. Dunno why, but always seem to associate raw egg = stout

Dawn said...

Ok I have to do my free range spiel which I am sure you know :) Most of the time, it's misrepresentation or loosely labelled. The in supermarkets are almost certainly not free range - the ones from farms probably are, but it's good to ask anyway. I generally ask before I buy how the hens are kept exactly. For example, many farmers will tell me it's impossible to keep them entirely free range because of foxes - which is okay with me, because they're in a building. Most farmers won't mind you going in to actually take a look if they are serious and responsible about it though of course it's nice to give them notice.

I realise that it's probably impossible to check out the place when you're just on holiday - but I do hate that people slap on the free range label and then just use it as an excuse to charge extra. Usually just asking pointed questions will tell you what you need to know though!

Dawn said...

PS you don't sound like a bird brain - that makes absolute sense about the different breeds.

sinlady said...

i cannot do raw eggs *shudder* i cannot even do cooked eggs where the yolk is still runny.

celcilia_tjioe said...

I'm not able to gulp down the raw eggs. But I do love soft boiled egg with soy sauce and pepper :)

imp said...

tuti: heh.

pebbles + sinlady: prob because i've been fed raw eggs with milk when i was a kid!

celcilia: if i've no appetite, the half boiled eggs are my lunch!

dawn: go ahead! it's always a commercial interest that comes first. you'll never know until you actually get down to the farm. waitrose swears by it. but i take it with a HUGE ladle of salt.