Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sick Sick Sick

Whatever you do, don't watch 'Enter The Void'. The synopsis is deceivingly simple. It doesn't tell you that the movie is actually pornographic. Knowing Gaspar Noe's inclinations, nothing less than shocking depravity will do.

I feel sick to the bones. I'm damn pissed off that the man insisted on wanting to watch it and we had to rush through an otherwise lovely dinner just to make the 8.50pm screening. I told him that this movie wouldn't be worth it. I hated Gaspar Noe's 'Irreversible'; why would 'Enter The Void' hold any attraction? Well, it piqued his interest. So I was like, fine, whatever, watch it.

To be fair, the movie did warn that it might cause motion sickness and blah blah blah because of the flashing sequence. How bad could it be, I thought. Bloody hell, it was BAD. So bad I slept through the first part of the movie because it induced nausea and headaches with its strobe lighting effects.

The second part was distasteful and mortally offensive. I dislike how it portrays Japan and its clubs. Granted, there is a heavy dose of truth in it. But I don't fancy how the movie harps on the repressed bits of society. It revels in the sex and drugs. Gaspar Noe must have loved that trippy trip trip trip feeling. He probably shot it on a prolonged acid trip. The Guardian's description of it as "deranged" is more than accurate. I would dearly love to punch the film-maker and push him off the balcony.

I left the theatre before the movie ended. It was disgusting. I went to the toilet to throw up all the mushy bits of my fancy dinner. This movie is mortally offensive. I feel insulted. This is a sort of movie that no one should term it entertaining. There is nothing of value in there. The man is now quietly bearing the full force of my rage. It's taking everything I possess not to smash something or hurl the table out of the window. I did slam the front door and the bathroom doors.

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tuti said...

o dear.
i would have turned green.