Monday, July 25, 2011

Their Stories

It's been sitting quietly on the bookshelf. I finally got around to reading Ceriph Issue 3. In the Editor's Note, it is said that Issue 3 pays tribute to the Singaporean's past-time of 'makan', and how it has influenced many Singapore writers in a not-too-odd sort of cultural referencing.

This little book is a tasty morsel in its varied offerings of the different genres of writing. What enthralls me is the window to the thoughts of Singapore writers. It tells me of their experiences and I could perhaps compare it to mine. This is such a small island. We should have similar experiences, but no, life treats us all differently. And through these stories and interpretation, we learn of differences and opportunities that are abound on this island, not all heartbreaking or painful.

Issue 3 closes with the last story by Adrianna Tan- A Drinkable History of My Family. It's peppered with sharp humor and insights. Split into little chapters titled differently, the ending of Bubble Tea about her ah gong's (grandfather) passing. is a little sad, but reflecting the reality of life. The final paragraphs read,

"We searched everywhere for bubble tea, we really did, but did not search fast enough. He could not wait. // And then Michael Jackson died the next day and the whole world forgot about the man who had never had bubble tea. // Sometimes I wish could have been there when he finally gave up on life and on bubble tea. He would have ranted, in Teochew, that tea isn't meant to be this milky, and what the hell are these bloody balls?"


sinlady said...

adrianna tan is one of our most insightful and powerful (and highly readable) writers :)

imp said...

sinlady: she so is.