Friday, May 02, 2014

Beer and Sushi Go Okay Together

Joined the man and his fairly fun colleagues for a last-minute beer and grub evening at where-else-but-160beers-on-tap Tap House Grill. They were winding down after a long and intense day. Everybody just wanted a bit of mediocre food to fill the tummy, and more importantly, down two drinks and hit the sack before 10pm. 

Beer supplied all the calories and made me feel rather full. Yup, liquid fuel. Also, I didn't feel like overloading the system with fried things or even a mac n cheese. Opted for, gasp, a spicy tuna sushi maki thingy. Hahahaha.

I know I know, like sushi, really. At home, I don't want to have any sort of beer or whisky with sushi. I like keeping the palate clean to taste the different texture and subtle layers of the fish that has been beautifully sliced. But here, it's kinda different. The focus is on the beer, and not the sushi, or whatever food for that matter.

This is a state with the freshest seafood ever. There'll be decent fish. When it comes to sushi at bars, just don't think of it as sushi, and one will do fine. It's just a salad thingy with sticky rice. I had zero expectations of the maki. The platter didn't look horrifying. It did all right. Everything tasted great with soy sauce. :P Importantly, the rice and lighter flavors totally complemented my choices of heavier ales for the evening. A chockful of gorgeous notes of chocolate, fig, fruit and caramel. Felt like I had marshmallows without actually having to chew them. 

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