Sunday, May 04, 2014

Din Tai Fung Bellevue

LOL when the man's colleagues from assorted cities unanimously wanted to have lunch at Din Tai Fung in Bellevue. They prefer this outlet over the other at U-Village. Haizzz. I had successfully wiggled out of eating at the restaurant last trip. There's no avoiding it this round.

When we arrived at 11.30am, it was packed with humans and there were just three empty tables. Apparently it's packed out at peak hours of lunch and dinner, daily. DAILY. If you turn up at noon wanting a table for more than two and don't want to sit at the bar, prepare for an at least 30-minute wait for a table. Wow. What is it?! 

Honestly, it was good. Food done well- familiar tastes and thin skin on the dumplings. Nothing funny like PF Chang, of which friends have firmly warned not to think of it as Asian food in any form. Okay. There must be something about those cute bite-sized steaming hot minced pork buns at Din Tai Fung. We had 10 baskets of those on the table and a few more plates of potstickers. 100 xiaolongbaos on the table for a party of six! o_O

The man thinks that the DTF here is better than Singapore's simply because of the ingredients. His spicy braised beef soup held very tender cuts of shin that came apart at a touch. I was also happy to have soy noodle salad and stir-fried greens. Salads are fine, but I also like cooked greens for some variety in flavors. Spinach with garlic! Came with little oil as requested. Perfect.

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