Friday, May 30, 2014

So Much Warmth in Seattle

Last trip, we didn't catch up with that many friends. Packed out the schedule with gigs and whatnots. :P Many friends weren't in town too. We merrily did our own thing and hid away from the world.

This trip, we have more time and decided to be sociable, play it by ear and told friends that we'd be most happy to meet, but really, it doesn't matter too much if we can't bend the time-tables to fit our schedules. We don't want to intrude upon their privacy or mess up their routines.

Things managed to happen. Those who couldn't make meal-times, went with us for long walks at the parks, hop in at whichever coffeeshop for a chat, and joined us at the gigs and concerts. Many ate with us at lovely eateries and also hosted us in their homes. We could easily do take-outs, which we prefer so that there's less hassle for the hosts, but some insisted on cooking easy meals and made a casual house party for everyone to gather and chat. They justified, "It's spring!" True. The weather and long hours of sunshine make it so beautiful to sit out on the deck or in the garden, swig a beer and enjoy the springtime breeze. They claimed it's easy putting meats and seafood on the grill, or the steamer. They do a main and a salad, and we just tapau dessert over. At one home, I had two gigantic lobster tails with a happy clove of garlic. They were lightly oiled and grilled, then sprinkled with drops of lemon juice and sea salt flakes.

It's always the people who put a pulse to the city. Seattle has been gorgeous. Fantastic stimulating chats. Like in London, the man and I have fairly substantial mutual and separate social circles in WA that aren't made up of just colleagues or work associates. Some are friends we've known for a decade. This May, we've been thoroughly pampered by the friends, and their friends. Much appreciated. So glad for the endless conversations and laughter.

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