Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baybeats 2014

Each year, I will definitely try to make it to Baybeats. Tough to pick favorites. Some bands I've only heard of for the first time, and some bands I've heard of but not watched them play live till this weekend. Thrilled that I discovered more good bands this year. Definitely more hits than misses. Even bands whose music ain't my kind, I appreciate, because they put on such a good show.

Totally blown away by Sphaeras. The complexity of their pieces, and especially by how short a band history they've had before auditioning for the festival. Their song 'DeLorean' is intriguing. Nope, I'm not a 'Back To Future' fan. Happy to catch Pitch Feather in their first ever performance live. Mainly helmed by Chuan and Alberta, they got together two guitars, a keyboard and drums to form a band for their two shows. Wow. Certainly loads of practice went in. Strong vocals, tight playing. Loved their set. Forgotten how energetic live and just how loud Monster Cat can be. Had to hurriedly put on ear plugs. Fwaaah, they were definitely louder the the other bands at the Arena the past two nights. Heh.

Esplanade has made good its word to also provide local music with performing venues. Going by what's been happening since the venue opened, it has done more than lip service. There're performances held regularly, but Baybeats is the largest full scale local indie music festival platform for Singapore bands. And the sound and tech support for the shows are incredibly forthcoming. For a festival to last so many years, there has to be a team of committed programming officers and a CEO who share that belief, and try their best to work magic within a realistic budget. Say what you will, to me, Baybeats isn't mainstream yet. If you aren't a musician or anyone in the scene, I dare you to say you're familiar with all the bands who performed this year. Which other platform has ready funds to plough into a festival that really doesn't show much returns? It's free admission okaaay. Stop whining about realities. You can bitch about the festival, but if you don't even go down to support the bands, which is the whole damn point, then seriously,

With this 13th edition of Baybeats, it also marks ten years since the man and I first met at the festival. Wow. Where did all that time go? The man never lost that passion for music or faith in the Singapore indie music scene. He still actively but quietly goes about playing his part to ensure that the scene flourishes. He alone can't do much, but for the bond built between like-minded people whose passion never diminished. Together, they can move funds that once remained unattainable for indie music. Let's just be practical about it. Our scene has grown from nothing-much to something pretty-decent. There's nothing wrong with calling it local music. Local. It's correct, it's apt and there's no stigma unless you choose to attach one to it. I'm proud of the man, proud of our friends, proud of how diverse Singapore music currently is. As we chase life, we chase our dreams. Often, when I work at it hard enough, my dream(s) come true.

Might be the imagination, but I see what you did there. A pink dot. :)

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