Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birthday Meats

The birthday girl surprised me by ordering a strange but not unpleasant non-spicy shiraz and then followed up with two shots of rum. *GULP* Even I won't dare to mix that combination no matter what the occasion is. Rum isn't my favorite sort of drink unless it's an aged Angostura. Heeeeheeehee. And mixing in wine with anything is just bad news.

The birthday girl picked the venue for dinner. Shelter in the Woods. So much meat though. This is definitely an eatery for carnivores. My eyes glazed over and I stuck to loads of good bread, butter, mash and a satisfying Australian King Fish tartare with grapefruit jelly and buckwheat. Made for a happy meal.

The girls had so much food that they briefly contemplated skipping dessert. BUT, they're sugar-loving humans. Of course dessert would appear. H had bought a box of tiny cute pink candles from dunno-where and we asked the servers to put as many as possible on the plate of dessert. They tried. We didn't count the candles. But there were possibly 25 to 30 in the pack. Whatever. We teased the birthday girl- there were fewer candles on either box or plate than her age anyway. Muahahahahah.

Birthday girl took loads of photos. But none of us brought a camera. The lighting in these restaurants is always unfriendly to cellphone shots. Oh well. Never mind. She wouldn't be very pleased if I had posted a photo of her with a bottle of moisturizing lotion that had label in large print, 'Age-Defying'. I'm so tickled.

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