Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Sunday Groceries

I'm not keen to do gigantic trips to the supermarket, i.e. load two trolleys full and lug everything home. Often, I prefer to split them into two trips during the week. Not that I'm so free to do it, but it's just that I've really picky tastebuds and cravings could just suddenly pop up all of a sudden. And not all supermarkets will stock what I'm looking for. It's easier to do two trips. Either to Tekka Market or whichever supermarket just for food, discounting all the non-perishable household essentials.

Technically, the man does the grocery shopping only if he has the inclination to cook. But he's been completely flooded and has no time to tinker with new recipes. Which is a problem. Because it means I have to sort out the food and I hate doing that. Not that I'm cooking. But even making a dashi and somen thing requires instructing the helper in the steps, not to mention telling her how to make the sambal belachan to the degree of desired spiciness for the fish. Grrrr.

This girlfriend is such a gem. She didn't mind popping by to do groceries with me at random locations over two Sundays. Muahahaha. First at Kovan Hub's surprisingly rather empty and well-stocked NTUC Finest and a second time at Isetan Scotts. I was kinda restricted by whatever the Sunday activities were; those were priority, and pushed shopping for groceries to late afternoon. The girlfriend and I could do coffee, but we couldn't linger because we needed time to walk around the supermarket to grab whatever supplies required. I'm not a slow shopper, but at the quickest, I would still need 20 minutes, of which five to ten minutes would be spent waiting in line to pay. She didn't care and just went about randomly poking at shelves and grinning at stuff. Best of all, both Sundays, she happily gave me a lift home. Felt so ridiculously pampered.

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