Friday, September 26, 2014

Røkt laks til middag

I didn't really go crazy over salmon in Norway. Like I said, Seattle's options are superior when it comes to fresh fillets of salmon. BUT, Norway's cured and smoked laks are so good, starkly different from what we get in Singapore. The Norwegian versions seem chunkier, heartier and a lot tastier. It could be the supplier and the way it chose to hack off the fish, I suppose. Oh, and yes, there are differences in texture and taste between farmed and wild-caught salmon that are obvious even when smoked.

Before I left, the girlfriend dragged me down to our favorite Maschmanns Matmarked. They've such wonderful produce. Brought home more than a few pieces of Norwegian salmon to share with the family. Also bought thick slabs of geitost and chunks of reindeer meat too. They were deep-frozen for several days before being slid into a cooler bag bound for the flight home. Was nervous. Not too sure about transporting frozen produce home across such a long way. Plus those flight delays at both airports in Oslo and Doha extended the travel time by a grand total of 3.5 hours. But, I got home within 20 minutes of touchdown at Changi Airport. Thank you, Singaporean efficiency. The frozen stuff were 'melting' but the centre was largely rock-solid. WHEWWW.

I don't usually have the habit of buying souvenirs for family or friends. So food that don't take up too much weight or space are ideal. Food also allow us to reminisce about lovely times. That's why sometimes we make the effort to lug groceries home from other cities. Opened up a slab of røkt laks (smoked salmon) at dinner. It smelt so good. Ate it in the simplest way. A touch of lemon juice, plenty of onions and parsley. Thick bread on the side. Unfortunately not homebaked. Bought from Cedele. Some four-seed loaf that was pretty delicious. Best.


fernoftheforest79 said...

oh yes! I remember eating many many slices when having breakfast in a hotel in Helsinki. It's smoked but chunky and fresh tasting like Sashimi! Miss!!

imp said...

Right on with that description! YUM.