Thursday, December 04, 2014

Ascending the Wall & Indie Games

The man and I went to the EMP Museum for two specific reasons- to check out the games in 'Indie Game Revolution', and Oculus Rift's 4D demo 'Ascend the Wall', which could only refer to getting to the top of that 700-foot ice Wall in the Game of Thrones. (More info on Ascending the Wall here, here and here.)

Turned up at 10am sharp and zipped straight to the hall to experience Oculus Rift's 4D demo 'Ascend the Wall'. Well yes, the GoT portion got me. Signed this comprehensive waiver. Once the goggles and headset were put on, I stepped into the 'elevator shaft' of Castle Black. Felt the wind and the vibrations. When I turned, the scenery turned and changed accordingly. Woah. The experience lasted for all of two minutes. Damn, I actually felt giddy. It was cool. And I wished they would hurry up and put some White Walkers for me to kill. That would be so awesome.

We spent the rest of the time at 'Indie Game Revolution'. Sponsored by Nintendo, the exhibition presented the current works in contemporary video game culture. There were 20 playable game stations, each with a game designed by an independent game designer or a team. Games are played on either a tablet or via a video screen and a keyboard or game controllers. Old school, weird, good old fighting and killing, music sound waves, etc. Fantastic.

We sat down at every game. Hurhurhur. Checked them out properly. This is the biggest reason why the man and I don't touch games at home and don't own game sets. We rarely download games onto the iPads, and never on the phones or laptops. Once we start, we can't stop. We have to clear the levels. That could mean anything from an hour to three days or a week, depending on what crazy thing we're hooked on at any one point. So we try our damnest best to avoid it. Rather successfully. But this morning, the only agenda was to play all the games. Woohoooo. It was super fun.

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