Thursday, December 04, 2014

Getting Whisky Around Here

Didn't notice the prices of Scotland's single malts in WA till this trip. Dunno why I thought Norway would be more expensive when it comes to liquor. It wasn't that bad when it comes to single drams or bottles. (In comparison to Singapore of course.) 

The whisky bars in WA are nice. In the sense that it doesn't go overboard on the posh. I'm not big on fancy-schmancy decor. The bars here are beautifully done up, professionally staffed, but still keeping a casual vibe. And most bars, serve up good grub that makes it convenient to grab dinner there too.

Previous trips to WA focused on exploring craft bourbon, American whiskey and mostly addicted to its beer. This time I'm drinking a lot more Scottish single malts, and getting the bill. Almost keeled over at the prices. Granted, each glass holds 45ml, a generous gentleman's pour; it's still a hit to the pocket. Unless you consider a mellow night out is quaffing two drams at USD100 including tips.

Before the trip, S merrily let us inhale his bottle of Lagavulin 16y.o. In Singapore, a glass of that costs anywhere between S$22 - $28. At a few chic bars in Seattle, they go for USD20 - USD26. Kinda similar I suppose. Our favorite Bowmore 17y.o that might or might not be the new 2014 expression, is now USD43 - USD50 for a gentleman's pour. Didn't order that. While I've stopped converting currencies, I still wouldn't like to rack up a USD200 bill per night on alcohol alone, in addition to other daily expenses. Not that terrible an alcoholic although yes, I drink every day here. :P A pint or two, a glass or two.

An example of the whisky list in a shall-remain-unnamed bar.

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