Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Dressing For Rain

At least this isn't deep winter. I'd be frozen. At most it's -7°C, which isn't too bad if you're not walking for more than 30 minutes. Nobody in the right mind would not bundle up right? It's super weird to hear people shrieking cold when they don't even bother pulling on a winter coat and make do with a fleece jacket. Duhhhh.

It's been cold enough and warm enough all at the same time. It was nice and hot at 12°C before dropping to -4°C. All good. I've got plenty of clothes to keep me snug. Mainly in sombre colors, of course, with the occasional red or beige. I'm not particularly concerned about fashion. I keep my clothes fuss-free and easy. It's Seattle, so cashmere or merino wool isn't going to be very helpful unless you're in a car all the time and don't walk. Which is silly. This is such great walking weather. Even in the rain. You won't melt.

Wellies are really heavy to lug around. I'm certainly not putting them in my luggage. They can stay in the US or UK, or SG, so that there's a ready pair wherever I go. Wellies are useful if I'm gonna be sloshing about in mud. Otherwise, weather-resistant suede and leather knee-high boots will do. Leather bags are pretty resilient, but I'm surprised that my weather-resistant bookhou waxed canvas bag holds up great in the Seattle rains.

Since this isn't a short trip, proper room slippers are required. Otherwise, I usually make do with hotel slippers. Love my BEARPAW slippers. Likely UGG-inspired. Don't care. LOVE the name. Heheh. Even in a heated room, it can get chilly. What's more I've cold toes. Furry slippers are awesome in keeping feet warm.


D said...

in modern warm indoors, i can't never wear such thick indoor slippers! the most i can do is a pair of normal cotton socks. otherwise i generally only wear a pair of comfy terry cloth slippers without socks.

btw, love your snood!

imp said...

:))) since i rarely go to places in winter that goes down to beyond - 10dC, I sometimes don't bother turning on the heating in the house... or in the hotel room. so it can get a bit chilly. hence, furry slippers. hehehehehe.