Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Fat Hen

Plenty of reasons to hang out in Ballard, and many friends to catch up with. Naturally, I go where they go. Always something to do. It turns out that I've had a couple of 8am breakfasts at The Fat Hen.

Cafes like this are super instagram-worthy. There're so many in Seattle and around. But unlike cafes in Singapore, I've a higher chance of getting decent grub and coffee. At the very least, their salads are so much better than what I get at home. Salads that come as a tiny side can be so pathetic in terms of choices of greens. I really dislike eating at cafes in Singapore. Very few serve up decent food. Obviously, I don't care about desserts.

I like this unpretentious The Fat Hen for breakfast, or brunch. It's not located along like a main street. It's in a side street in the middle of a residential estate along with a few other stores. It's literally someone's neighborhood cafe. Owners Seattle-born Linnea and Italian-born-bred Massimo Gallo met in Le Cordon Bleu Paris and have returned to Ballard to raise their two sons. Linnea churns out the rustic baked goods and Massimo cooks the savory stuff.

Apparently their bakes are good. Dunno. You'll just have to take social media's word on it. Good hearty savory food. Love its offerings of freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juices. Love its tomato eggs with basil. But its coffee, I don't like so much. Prefer to pop over to Slate for coffee after the meal. The Fat Hen does fantastic eggs. I can cook eggs very well, right down to the specific consistency desired. Naturally I love eggs done well at commercial eateries.

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