Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pilates at Lululemon's Luoft

I'm not interested in any of those fun stretching (usually yoga) sessions organized and hosted by Lululemon at their space at the mall. Feels kinda strange. Then their Duxton Road boutique opened up with a dedicated community space on the fourth floor (they call it 'Luoft') where the vibes are so much more conducive to workouts.

Not keen on any yoga or barre sessions. But when I spotted a STOTT pilates session hosted at the Duxton Road space, I signed up asap. Heeheeee. It's not often I see pilates scheduled on a Lululemon activities board. The class held like...16 mats. Bit of a squeeze. I'm not really comfortable doing group sessions. Oh well. Let's call it...a matter of satisfying my curiosity on various...stuff.

Led by the very experienced Amy (of Merrithew), the pilates class was not what I thought it would be. Didn't expect a complimentary class to have a seasoned Instructor Trainer of STOTT and Total Barre to take a session pitched at a general level through the paces.

An easy class isn't satisfying. This was better than an average beginner classical pilates class. Even though the class size was double that of any pilates studio's offerings, I was still very pleased.

I hid away at the back in the furthest possible corner. Couldn't help it lah! Habit! Plus I wasn't there to find out more about pilates; wanted to limber up and have it replace one of my daily mat sessions. I didn't need to see what Amy was doing. I just needed to hear her and follow the instructions. Sure, it did say 'athletic conditioning', which I took it to mean a lot of abs and planks. I was half-right. It was purely mat-work for the one-hour class spent on working the quads, glutes and arms. Less on abs, obliques and back. Lots of lunges, dips, planks and pulses. I enjoyed the class! It was a good stretch before bedtime.

The instructor's in a pink cross-back tank perched on the table behind the glass partition. 


coboypb said...

Nice shoes :) I guess no one realised you took a photo from that corner. Hee.

imp said...

Heeeheee. I waited till everyone's facing away before sneaking a few shots.