Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Soul Kitchen

Y bought us lunch at her current favorite eatery- four-month-old Soul Kitchen. Run by a lovely husband-and-wife team of Steven (who's also a pastor) and Barbara, it's a quiet cozy light-filled cafe tucked away on the ground floor next to the lobby entrance of One Pemimpin Drive. The cafe serves up the couple's hometown Louisiana food at breakfast and lunch.

Soul Kitchen offers only two choices of rotating easy mains from Tuesdays to Fridays, 8am to 4pm. Works fine by me! Saturday brunches happen from 10am to 3pm. Check their facebook page for frequent menu updates. Do call ahead if you prefer vegetarian versions to check if they have one that day. Apparently it's getting popular and food runs out fast! Don't go late. On the day we went, there were chicken creole and lasagna. A vegetarian option for lasagna was available. It's not all po'boys or chicken and waffles. There're gumbo and grits on the menu too. Yay. Also, buttermilk biscuits seem to pop up often on Saturdays. See if I can come by again to check those out. Spied a shrimp gumbo and grits that I'm curious about too.

Coffee's decent! The cold brew is amazingly sweet and nutty. Y loves it. I stuck to the hot version though. I've never bothered with cold brews no matter how hot the weather is. The menu also offers a daily rotating sweet iced tea with a twist, in the form of cranberry, passionfruit lime or ginger lemongrass green.

I'm not keen on their desserts at all, as usual. There're usually a cupcake and two types of cakes, all baked fresh in-house. Lil'Missy was most interested in the red velvet cupcake. We shared one cupcake and I left the girls to demolish a slice of the butter cake with fudge crown, and another slice of salted caramel chocolate cake.

Of course I brought along Ed the Bearthe big fat reason for this date. Missy did ask for him. He's quite smug about it. Oof. Off the Bear went with Missy for the school holidays. Packed him off with packs of chocolate cookies for the little girl. Last I heard, he was having the time of his life being carried around everywhere. Too precious. Have fun, everybody!

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