Thursday, May 04, 2017


I think two-year-old NUE is one of those hip eateries where it's more about the vibes, its social causes and what it stands for when it comes to cooking, menus and their significance. It offers a 'global menu', and a communal dining space for people to meet, chat and laugh together. On this point, the restaurant gets it nicely done.

Certainly the kitchen could cook. However, to someone with my palate, I'm a little bemused by its menu and food. I actually thought that the best part of the meal was the cornbread with coconut shavings. Great presentation of food. Sampled what our table had. Interesting flavors, but I found their foods a little.....bland. Like they're all under-spiced. Especially its 'South African Funny Bunny'pieces of chicken breast marinated with masala, lime and cilantro on a Pullman bread bowl. Basically chicken curry lah. I was hoping for something more spicy, something closer to the African and Indian versions. Also, we had NO CILANTRO. It's like the kitchen forgot to add them. Preposterous. Yes, I compared ours to other people's photos online. Fine, stop comparing, impie. 

Glanced at its menu for its 'One-World Dinner Series'. The theme for the event next Monday was 'Burma'. Note that it didn't use 'Myanmar'. Okaaay. It's pegged at USD65 for a six-course meal, with main courses of gyeo du (fried stuffed tofu), and mohinga (catfish noodle soup, that is perhaps, uhh similar to Penang assam laksa). Erm, I know I can't compare prices, and I think the dinner series is pegged at this standard price for the kitchen's efforts and the sourcing of ingredients and all that. It's about bringing an experience to Seattle, to Capitol Hill. BUT STILL. Okay, never mind, shut up, impie.

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