Friday, December 22, 2017

At The Osteopath's

Since there was a fair chunk of leftover budget for medical stuff, I decided to pop in to the osteopath at the sports rehab clinic. Didn't think I need any sessions, but since I've never visited one, thought I'd check it out. For the right ankle. I could feel the peroneal tendons getting better, but when the ankle moves in certain positions, they're still twinging at about 85%. When it comes to this type of actual pain relief solutions, I don't welcome TCM methods or its massages thingamajigs. An osteopath sounded like it works better for me. It indeed is.

The man is seeing the same osteopath at the sports rehab clinic for fairly acute lower back pain, of which I already told him months and months ago that it was due to the lumbar and sacral nerves being compressed because of his poor form for weightlifting and squats, and because this pain has been going on for years in the same spots, if he isn't careful, it will lead to a herniated disc soon. AND HE REFUSED TO LISTEN. He must think that my pilates certificate is bullshit. Pffffft. 😐 SO, THE OSTEOPATH TOLD HIM THE SAME THING. Of course the advice coming out of the osteopath's mouth sounds way better.

Osteopathy is different, and a little confusing. It's not just a sports massage or the manipulation and kneading of muscles or myofascial release. It's everything. It's like a mix between a pilates instructor and a physiotherapist. I was fixed for a one-hour session with the osteopath, and he attended to me all the way, including putting me through some exercises to check out my form and how I shift my weight around. It's very different from the 15-minute chat-and-crack sessions at the chiropractor's unless I'm hooked up to the machines for an additional 20 minutes. I really don't mind how fast the chiropractor works. The efficiency and effectiveness are both what I want out of a session. Electrical impulses that calm spasming muscles are the best, especially if the pain involves kinks in the neck (from sleeping in a bad posture) that send cold tingles down to my wrist and fingers.

This osteopath is wonderful, and very practiced. To his credit, he didn't even ask why I bothered to see him when it was pretty clear it wasn't necessary. Easiest S$170 earned in that hour. HAHAHAHA. I would return to him if I need help in the future, IF my Pilates instructor and the studio's physiotherapists can't mitigate my pain. In this case, I'd say that the osteopath told me nothing new, and offered no insight to the further exercises I could do to help with a full recovery. Pilates cover all of that already. He just affirmed what I already know and currently do. On track- two more weeks to a 100% right ankle.

[Text me if you want to know which clinic I went to. Again, the osteopath is fantastic. I don't know if he can solve your aches and pains, but he's logical and decent. This is definitely not an ad. Heh.]

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