Thursday, January 04, 2018

Replaced The 6S Battery

We thought that with each new release of an iPhone, there’s a sinister plot to slow down older models in order to frustrate the hell out of us, so that we’ll give in and buy new phones. And iOS 11 is really full of bugs, chomps battery life and speed of older models (iPhone 6S and older), and takes the cake. Many reddit threads and forums held swirling rumors that rumbled louder through the years. Apple finally admitted to it, and apologized. Wow.

My out-of-warranty iPhone 6S is in excellent working condition except for the battery. I’m not a heavy user. The 6S doesn’t stream music, or contain SmartHome apps, and it died in three hours with normal usage. What is this nonsense. A $1000 (full-price retail) phone with AppleCare can’t even last two years. I’ll take that $29 battery replacement, Apple. Ran a check on my 6S which was released and bought in September 2015, and found out that it was eligible for FREE battery replacement. It automatically linked to an appointment at QCD Service Center to do so.

Popped down to the service center at Wheelock Place, waved my appointment slip at the reception, took a queue number, waited 20 minutes for my turn and another 10 minutes for the staff to run diagnostics on the 6S. They primly informed me that the phone held a few scratches but it was otherwise fine and the poor battery still held 483 cycles. Since it was eligible for the replacement program, they would replace the battery, at no charge. Yes, please. I was told to return in two hours to pick it up.

The only thing- back up all your data thoroughly before you step into the service center. They don’t just ask you to turn off ‘Find my iPhone’. The entire phone is erased, wiped out and reset. I don’t have an issue since this 6S has been mirrored over to the iPhone 8 two months ago, and the 8 is my current phone. I just want to keep the 6S in good condition as a back-up. With this new battery in the 6S, its processing power seems to have returned to the original speeds. No complaints about the phone's performance. Battery life is great, as it should be.

Now, I look at my iPhone 8 with slight amusement. Yes, I chose it over iPhone X. (Face ID isn’t a big sell.) Why did I do that? I should have just held out and continued using my 6S, especially now that it works beautifully. Arrrrrgh. Perils of being stuck in the Apple ecosystem. 

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