Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Decided to do a mixed rice that I haven't had for a long time- 炊き込みご飯, takikomi gohan. Something that the grandmother cooked for me when my allergies could tolerate scallops and a bit of minced pork. Is cooking like this? Do people who cook feel the same in how we seek to re-create flavors our childhood?

I was absolutely upset about the rice when it was sitting in the electric cooker. I've NEVER cooked mixed rice in such a gadget. I've always stirred it (and congee) in a pot over a stove. I can't gauge texture and such. DAMMIT.

I used brown rice. I thought I had screwed up the water levels, by pegging it to the 'PLAIN RICE' setting. Thankfully, dinner was just for the man and I. I'm not about to test out food if guests are expected. Damn nervous sial! If it failed, it would be porridge for dinner tonight. Opened up a bottle of sake, poured a generous amount for us. I gulped it. I almost wanted to make the man down two glasses at a go. Alcohol makes food taste better?! 😂

The moment of truth happened in an hour and ten minutes. 🥶 When I opened the rice cooker, I was like "THANK GOD." Loosened the rice and scooped a spoonful to try. It turned out just fine! Hokkaido scallops, minced pork, tanba shimeji, garlic, ginger and scallions. Of course all ingredients are seared prior to putting it into the uncooked rice. That pot of rice was TASTY, if I may say so. HAHAHAH. A disaster averted. #ImpieCooks2018

Takikomi gohan alone wouldn't be enough food for the man. Added a piece of salmon fillet for him. Had earlier marinated the fillet. I was thinking that if the rice turned out to be an epic disaster, then at least the oven-baked salmon would be decent! There was frozen brown rice as well, which could be quickly heated up to provide carbs too.

Had to prep the bed of baby carrots and clove of garlic first. Gotta char them. Those would actually take much longer to soften and brown than the salmon. The salmon could be done in a matter of fifteen minutes. Seared the salmon skin crisp on the hob for like three minutes, then it went into the oven to be baked on high heat for ten minutes with everything else. Never overcook salmon. I do love how a Dutch oven treats it. The fish turned out as expected. Decently tasty. Whewwwww. It was such a relief that dinner was not a failure.


Liverella said...

My lazy wife rice kekekekeke... though yours was much more healthy and with more effort... such a comfort dish, isn’t it ;D

imp said...

it's truly a happy and FAST food item to do! heh.